Resource Management in the Tessellation Manycore OS

TitleResource Management in the Tessellation Manycore OS
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsColmenares, J. A., Bird S., Cook H. M., Pearce P., Zhu D., Shalf J., Asanović K., & Kubiatowicz J. D.
Conference Name2nd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism (HotPar '10)
Date Published06/2010
Conference LocationBerkeley, CA

Tessellation is a manycore OS predicated on two cen-
tral ideas: Space-Time Partitioning (STP) and Two-Level
Scheduling. STP exploits novel hardware and software
mechanisms to provide performance isolation and strong
partitioning of resources (such as cores or memory band-
width) among interacting software components, called
“Cells”. Two-Level Scheduling separates global deci-
sions about the allocation and distribution of resources to
Cells from application-specific scheduling of resources
within Cells. We describe Tessellation’s Cell model, its
resource allocation architecture, and basic policies for re-
source management. We present results from our proto-
type running on both an 8-core Nehalem machine and
an FPGA-emulation of a 64-core machine with memory-
bandwidth partitioning hardware.

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