Hardware/Software Codesign for Mobile Speech Recognition

TitleHardware/Software Codesign for Mobile Speech Recognition
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSheffield, D., Anderson M., Lee Y., & Keutzer K.

In this paper, we explore high performance software and hardware
implementations of an automatic speech recognition system
that can run locally on a mobile device. We automate the
generation of key components of our speech recognition system
using Three Fingered Jack, a tool for hardware/software codesign
that maps computation to CPUs, data parallel processors,
and custom hardware. We use Three Fingered Jack to explore
energy and performance for two key kernels in our speech recognizer,
the observation probability evaluation and across-word
Through detailed hardware simulation and measurement,
we produce accurate estimates for energy and area and show
a significant energy improvement over a conventional mobile

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