President Obama Cites Communication Avoiding Algorithms

President Obama cites communication avoiding algorithms in the FY 2012 Department of Energy Budget Request to Congress:
in particular for Science funding
there is a short list of FY2010 accomplishments of the office of
Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) on pages 65-67.
One of these reads as follows:

New Algorithm Improves Performance and Accuracy on Extreme-Scale Computing Systems. On modern computer architectures, communication between processors takes longer than the performance of a floating point arithmetic operation by a given processor. ASCR researchers have developed a new method, derived from commonly used linear algebra methods, to minimize communications between processors and the memory hierarchy, by reformulating the communication patterns specified within the algorithm. This method has been implemented in the TRILINOS framework, a highly-regarded suite of software, which provides functionality for researchers around the world to solve large scale, complex multi-physics problems.

This is referring to communication-avoiding GMRES work that Mark Hoemmen is working on. Congratulations to all!