Par Lab Seminars

Spring 2012 Par Lab Seminars are held every other Wednesday from 1:30 - 3:00pm in 430 Soda Hall (the 'Woz').
*Slides for the following seminars will be posted on the internal wiki*

Spring 2012 Seminars
* 2012-01-25: Per Ljung, Nokia Research “Opportunities for Lower Power in Mobile Devices” Slides

* 2012-02-01: Par Lab All: Experiences in Measuring Power and Energy

* 2012-02-08: Board Meeting

* 2012-02-15: Par Lab All: Results on Power and Energy Optimization

* 2012-02-22: Par Lab Seminar: Kari Pulli, NVIDIA, “Mobile Visual Computing” Slides

* 2012-02-29: Par Lab All: Krste Asanovic, Next Project Slides

* 2012-03-14: Par Lab All: Discussion of Par Lab 2 - the Next Project

* 2012-04-11: Par Lab Seminar: Alan Messer, Samsung, “Enabling the Future Connected Consumer" Slides

Fall 2010 Seminars
* 2010-08-03 Benjamin Lee, “Web Search Using Mobile Cores”

* 2010-09-14 D.E. Shaw, “Anton: A Special-Purpose Machine That Achieves a Hundred-Fold Speedup in Biomolecular Simulations”

* 2010-09-28 Robert Geva, Intel: supporting patterns in the Intel compiler

* 2010-10-12 Madan Musuvathi, Microsoft: DRFx: Simplifying the Semantics of Concurrent Programs Through Efficient Data-Race Detection

* 2010-10-26 John Owens, UC Davis: GPU Computing and Irregular Parallelism

* 2010-11-09 Greg Henry, Intel: Autotuning for the Intel Math Kernel Libraries

* 2010-11-23 (TBD)

Spring 2010 Seminars

2010-01-21 Cormac Flanagan, UCSC (NOTE: Will be in 521 Cory) FastTrack: Efficient and Precise Dynamic Race Detection

2010-01-26 (special date, morning), Don Syme, Microsoft, F#

2010-01-28 Laurent Visconti, Microsoft laurentvisconti.pdf (talk slides are viewable via the internal wiki)

2010-02-02 (special date, Tuesday, 3:30pm), Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee

2010-02-04 no seminar

2010-02-11 no seminar (BEARS conference)

2010-02-18 no seminar

2010-02-25 Jim Held, Intel Intel Tera-Scale Computing Research

2010-03-04 no seminar (PI meeting)

2010-03-11 (in 521 Cory), Arthur Whitney, The K data parallel language

2010-03-18 John Shalf, LBL, Green Flash

2010-03-25 Spring Break (seminar series ends)

Fall 2009 Seminars

2009-08-27 Andy Glew, Intel, “Coherent Vector Lane Threading”, (slides, pdf 1.1MB)

2009-09-03 Sam King, UIUC, “Partitioned Secure Web Browser”, (slides, pdf 2.6MB)

2009-10-01 Martin Rinard, MIT, “Automatically Reducing Energy Consumption, Improving Performance, and Tolerating Failures With Good Quality of Service”, (slides, pdf, 0.1MB)

2009-10-15 Shuo Li, Intel, “Extracting Parallelism from Quantitative Finance Algorithms in Multicore Environment

2009-10-22 John Nickolls and Michael Shebanow, NVIDIA, “GPU Computing Architecture

2009-10-29 Jim Goodman, Univ. Auckland/Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, “Source Snooping Cache Coherence Protocols”, (slides, pdf, 3.3MB)

2009-11-12 Sanjay Patel, UIUC, “Rigel: A 1000+ Core Substrate for High-Throughput Computing

2009-11-19 Keshav Pingali, UT Austin, “Towards a Science of Parallel Programming

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